ongoing multimodal, collaborative installation

Andi and Lance Olsen’s ongoing multimodal collaboration, There’s No Place Like Time, is a three-dimensional novel you walk through. It takes the form of a real retrospective of videos, texts, objects and interventions dedicated to the career of Alana Olsen, one of America’s most overlooked experimental video artists who never existed.

There’s No Place Like Time complicates such notions as “page,” “book,” and “gallery,” while contemplating the problematics of identity construction, historical knowledge, and where fiction ends — if we can say it really ends anywhere — and the other thing begins.

It doesn’t seek to replicate, replace, or stand in for a past that never happened. Rather, it is meant to problematize the very idea of pastness — in today’s sad jargon, one might call it an investigation into the idea of alt-facts — while encouraging a sort of choreography, a way of moving through experience, about the complex acts, the labyrinths, of reading.

Snite Museum of Art, Scholz Family Works-on-Paper Gallery, Notre Dame University, South Bend, Indiana, September-December, 2018.

Momentum Worldwide Gallery, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin, Germany, May 2017.

Albright and Sonnenshein Galleries, Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, Illinois, March 2017.

Roger Williams Gallery, New Hampshire Institute of Art, Manchester, New Hampshire, 
February 2017.

University Gallery, Texas A&M, Commerce, Texas, September 2016.

The Greenhouse Galerie, Berlin, Germany, November 2015.